Roswell – The Conspiracy Theory

UFO watchers believe that the US military discovered an alien craft and extraterrestrial bodies, and concealed the find from the American public.
Conspiracy theorists say the spaceship gave priceless intelligence to the US on alien technology, which could have proved vital in the burgeoning Cold War against Russia.
The cover-up also allowed the government to carry out an autopsy on the dead space travellers, and gain an insight into the physiology of these extraterrestrial beings.
The conspiracy theory started when Major Marcel broke his silence after retiring from the armed forces in the late 1970s.
In 1978 he described the bizarre markings, the strange metals and the unusual make-up of the materials he found at the Roswell crash site to UFO investigator Stanton T Friedman. When he repeated his evidence about the strange hieroglyphics and super-strong metallic shell of the craft to the National Enquirer in 1980, the conspiracy theory began to grow.
Dozens of others came forward, including William Haut, the press officer who sparked the initial interest in the story. He revealed that he was asked to take part in a plan to divert attention away from the crash site.
In a sworn affidavit in 2002 he claimed that he was shown the craft recovered from the ranch in a hangar at Roswell Air Base. Haut described the spaceship as a 15-foot-long egg-shaped construction made of a paper-thin, incredibly strong metal with no windows or landing gear. He also claims to have seen two bodies in the hanger with abnormally large heads.
Theorists also point to the evidence of “Mac” Brazel, foreman of the Foster Ranch where the craft was discovered, who gave interviews to the Roswell Daily Record and Associated Press on 8 July 1947, in which he dismissed the military’s official story.
Citing several other weather balloons he had recovered on the ranch, he said: “I am sure what I found was not any weather balloon.”
A string of ex-army staff from both Fort Worth and Roswell came forward in the 1990s to reveal their own encounters with UFOs and aliens.
Almost to a man, they described small, lightweight metallic crafts, and thin, human-like aliens with enlarged heads and eyes.

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