Russian Scientists to deflect Apophis

Russian scientists have said that they intend to interfere with the trajectory of Apophis asteroid which could hit Earth in 2036.

Anatoly Perminov, head of the Russian space agency Roscosmos said that “it will hold a meeting to discuss the issue.”

And he suggested that “The calculations show that a spacecraft could deflect the object of his course. This is not to destroy Apophis, but out of its path. ”

Perminov said that “Any plan for such work would be done by an international collaboration between Russia, the European Union, United States, China and Japan.”

But he added that “there is no room for panic, a crash would put at stake the lives of many people and it is better to pay several hundred million dollars and create a system to avoid a collision, than to wait passively “.

The asteroid Apophis has a diameter of 270 feet, is three times larger than the Tunguska meteorite, which in 1908 destroyed 2 000 hectares in Siberia.

The asteroid that is directed toward the Sun, will pass close by Earth at a distance of 30 thousand kilometers, and when it returns in 2036 could possibly hit our planet.

In the U.S. NASA said that “its scientists had significantly reduced the chance that Apophis would impact with the earth’s surface” and that “the odds of an impact in 2036 are 1 in 45 thousand.”

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