Apophis In The News Again – Russians Still Talking About Deflection

The Russians are at it again – talking deflection that is. The Russian News Agency Ria Novosti reported last week that “Russian Astronomers Predict Apophis-Earth Collision in 2036.” Although on further reading they are not really saying that Apophis will impact earth on April 13th 2036. Russian astronomer Professor Leonid Sokolo informs us

the chance of a collision on Easter Sunday in 2036 was extremely slim, predicting that the asteroid would likely disintegrate into smaller parts and smaller collisions with Earth could occur in the following years

So should we be worried (those of us who will still be around then)? Apparently not, as it is looking unlikely that Apophis will come anywhere near hitting us. But it makes great headlines so be prepared for more and more sensationalist news over the years and especially after the end of the Mayan Calendar in December 2012 when the doomsday merchants will have to find another target.

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