Observing Objects That Can Impact The Earth – How Good Is Europe In Observing Potential Threats?

the conference, who will attend, and what will be the outcome of the conference.

However, more important, it will be to see how decision makers in the European space environment, both political and technical will embrace ideas and try to implement a strong and lasting Near European Earth Object Observation system, that will enable us to detect, assess risks on various levels in society (defense, industry, civil population, health and emergency protocols), and the ability to perform deflection tactics of objects deemed to be a major risk to earth. The collaboration efforts to threats on a global basis will also be tested as various interests may collide throughout different continents on the earth. In this respect the exchange of data and analytical results will be imperative.

As we have seen the conflict of interest when it comes to the global positioning systems, can maybe be the precursor of challenges we are facing when it comes to collaboration on other space related issues as well. We may live on one planet, and may share the common goal to save and protect our planet, but we may have different tactics to achieve this.

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