2012 and the Mayan Calendar: Doomsday Approaches?

2012 and the Mayan Calendar: Doomsday Approaches?

To know the meaning behind the Mayan calendar and its connection to the year 2012, let’s start with some facts. The ancient Maya settlements were believed to have been established in 1800BC and they developed a sophisticated culture that included agriculture, astronomy and art.

According to their Long Count Calendar, each day was called a K’in and every 20 K’in is a Winal. Their counting system reaches the largest factor which is the b’ak’tun. Scholars have identified the first day of the long calendar as August 11, 3114 BCE and the very last in this 5,125 year cycle as December 21, 2012.

This is why people are worried that the world will end on this day. But does the end of the Mayan Calendar signify the end?

Some Mayan experts posit that the date is the start of a spiritual reawakening for humanity, that the beginning of the new age will renew the whole world. Meanwhile some think that December 2012 will bring about major natural catastrophes because of the “galactic alignment” that will happen during that period.

Even in religious texts there is reference to Judgement Day or the Day of the Resurrection. Christians believe that when Jesus Christ comes to the Earth again, it will mean the end of the world. While in Judaism, the Messiah will bring about Judgement. The Bible makes mention of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse who will bring Famine, War, Destruction and Death to the land. With all of that happening right now, it’s not hard to see why people thing the end is near.

It is not hard to dig through all the information online. Just one search on Google or Yahoo will bring thousands of sites to you. The hard thing is deciding which one is true and which one is just made up.

You have to be warned that there are a lot of people who are capitalizing on other people’s fear of the year 2012. Unscrupulous sites are selling a lot of bad misinformation and even t-shirts just to make money out of gullible folks. Remember to check your facts first and if it feels like a scam then it probably is a scam!

There is genuine concern about the coming year because of the Mayan calendar and its end, but that doesn’t mean that we should abandon reason and hope. Remember this prophecy swings both ways (meaning it could be the end but it could also mean a great new beginning) and no one knows what the real outcome will be until we’re there.

We’ve compiled a list of things we know for sure about December 2012 and we’re inviting you to learn more about it. Click here and you will receive a free video that reveals the truth about 2012. Don’t wait until it’s too late, 2012 is sooner than you think.

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