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  1. @endlessmountain ,
    Thanks for the reply. Can you explain to me the 15b year concept? Sorry, layman (well, woman) over here! 🙂 Or are you saying 15b year as a general term for those who do not believe in a beginning or end?

    I’m still stuck on the concept of the ‘earth’ itself being linear. I just don’t understand how that can be or what it implies.

  2. @kellirene65 Linear time the way I see it is a day being 24 hours and each day having the exact same amount of seconds as the previous. Logarithmic or Exponential time in my world is the speed of creation that the Mayan Calendar talks about.

    As far as beginning/ending. On a Linear time frame that is the 15b years ago and then again 15b years from now. To make those infinite no beginning/end date people happy, Was there anything before the big bang? Whats after the Big Crunch? A=something

  3. Hey Derek, okay, I know that not everyone believes in God or that there is a higher power that communicates with us, but I do. Okay, call me crazy. But, the other morning I woke up at 5 am with this statement in my head “The earth is not ’round’ it is ‘linear’. It has a beginning point and and ending point and where the two meet it ceases to exist.”

    No, I’m not someone who believes the earth is flat. But, I have been left wondering what this means that the earth is “linear”. Any ideas???

  4. I am blown away with the way you present the mayan calendar. You are the bridge between science and spirituality we all look for, care not for ratings. There are to many people wanting to see this. It is simply brilliant how you see it and explain it and please keep us updated. Thank you!

  5. I wonder if the Mayans calculated that there would someday be some obnoxiously pompous Gregorian dude named Pope Gregory XIII who decided to include leap years in the mix… which leads me to believe that pending doom shall commence well before the Mayan predicted date. He established Leap System in the year 1582. But my calculation says 1,430 years divided by 4 years per year… the target date is very early Jan./Feb. 2012 rather than late (12/21/2012).

  6. you seem to have more positive energy and excitement in these videos.. when you do the economic videos your kinda boring..

  7. Hi Derek!

    I vote for more videos on the Mayan Calendar for sure. Thanks for making these videos and doing what you’re doing.

    FYI: The title of this video says February 22, 2009 instead of 2010.

    Light and Love! 🙂

  8. Hello, Derek. At approx. 3:30 in this video you say we haven’t had anything major happen between Sept. of ’09 to May of this year. Are you only counting American & International Banking subjects, or also physical ones such as the Haiti earthquake & its results? ~ I see the sweeping upcurve on the chart at 5:47 and associate this with the acceleration of time (or the perception of same) as we get closer to Dec. 21st, 2012, a la the late Terrence McKenna’s “Timewave Zero” history fractal.

  9. Its theory is extra interesting. I have no idea how he comes up with this information or the science behind it. Heck its got charts and everything which is in my style.

  10. Please explain how counsciousness comes into it and a brief overview of the planetary/galaxy moves involved. Thanks.

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