The Mayan Calendar 2012 – Does Is Really Predict The End Of The World As We Know It?

The Mayan Calendar 2012 – Does Is Really Predict The End Of The World As We Know It?

Will the world end in December 2012? If you believe in the people who interpret the Mayan calendar as a prophecy, then the answer would be yes. There is just one thing that people need to know. The Mayan predictions do not actually say that the world will end in December 2012. What it says is that there will be a major transformation, a shift in the way things are on our planet. There are people who are saying that it is all metaphorical while there are some who are claiming that a literal change will happen to the earth. Something devastating, but very significant to man’s evolution. An end to the world as we know it. And the thought comes of will there be any survivors?

So what can we expect from in December 2012 if the Mayan calendar was talking about a literal shift? Everything that the movie 2012 depicted and more. There will be earthquakes brought about by volcanic eruptions and movement of the earth’s surface. There will be widespread tidal waves and tsunamis that will wipe out entire villages. There will be storms and hurricanes that are several times more powerful than Katrina. There will be death, destruction and chaos everywhere That is, if messages of the prophets of doom are true.

Why should we even give importance to the Mayans? What qualifies them to make such a prediction? If you must know, the Mayan civilization is one of the greatest that ever existed. They were great thinkers who made great discoveries about the nature of the earth and the universe. They were scientists and philosophers who loved knowledge and who sought the truth with passion. This is the reason why the Mayans and their accomplishments matter. And this is also the reason why some scholars believe that the Mayan predictions should not be ignored.

It is really hard to say whether there will be a major catastrophic event in December 2012. But as many people are saying, better safe and ready than sorry. We should always be prepared for disasters such as earthquakes, storms and flooding.

You must also make yourself informed about the Mayan calendar and the predictions of things that will happen on December 2012. There are many materials available on the subject and you should try to at least get your hands on some of them. Knowing what to expect is probably the best thing that you can do to prepare for the worst things that could happen two years from now. To find out what to expect and how to survive, click on this link:

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Definitive Doomsday link to Mayan prophecy found during expedition to date some of the Stonehenge carvings using Carbon Dating. Some visible to the naked eye and some very worn, requiring laser scanning to enhance their images. The Mayan calander, the Sumerians, and Stonehenge, among others, all predict the End of Days, or Doomsday on December 21, 2021. They all date back to a specific point in time. Stonehenge has been dated back to having been built 3100 BC, The Mayan Calander has been dated back to 3100 BC, and the Sumerian written language has been dated as first appearing in the year 3100 BC. Now all three support the end on December 21, 2012 December 21, 2012 represents the date of the end of the original use of Stonehenge as a timing device. The exact date of the last Winter solstice that will reflect light into stonehenge. One more piece to the doomsday puzzle has been presented with scientific based evidence. Whether the world is doomed to come to an end or not, I do not have the answer, but one thing is for certain, something is going to happen. The Stonehenge connection to the Maya Civilization and Sumerians is too strong to ignore. Stonehenge is a sophisticated astronomical observatory, which can predict with pinpoint accuracy, the alignments of the stars as well as solar and lunar eclipses. The recent archeological findings of Sumerian numerals carved into the stones and Radio Carbon dated to 3100 BC are a definitive link to both the Sumerians as well as the

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