Billboard on Morena Boulevard Predicts May 21 Will Be Judgment Day

Billboard on Morena Boulevard Predicts May 21 Will Be Judgment Day
At the south end of Morena Boulevard, seen by many thousands of drivers and passengers on I-5 north, a full-sized billboard declares that May 21, 2011, is Judgment Day for Christians.
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Former professor Arguelles passes away at 72 years old
Globally recognized author and University professor emeritus Jose Arguelles passed away on March 23 at the age of 72.
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The Mayan Calendar- The Myth,the Truth And The Media Hype

by roujo

The Mayan Calendar- The Myth,the Truth And The Media Hype

In the past few months, people’s interest in the Mayan calendar and its prophecies has increased at a phenomenal pace. Public opinion on this ancient calendar is divided. Some believe that this calendar has no rational basis and is basically a myth. Alternately, there are several others who firmly opine that the Mayan calendar is a true prophecy on the future.

Scientists and astrologers agree that the Mayan people possessed supreme knowledge. These learned people were exponents of analytical thinking. They used scientific methods to come up with theories of human existence. Based on meticulous planning and scientific observations, the Mayan people developed a calendar that computed our solar year to be 365.242306 days long.

Interestingly, according to the Gregorian calendar that we follow today calculates our solar year to be 365.2525 days long. This clearly reflects that the Mayan calendar is both precise and scientific. Owing to this precision in their calculations and premonitions, a number of astrologers and soothsayers are fearing that the Mayan prophesy about the world coming to an end on December 21, 2012, could be true.

Scientists and astronomers all over the world have rubbished reports that suggest that the world will finally come to an end in 2012. According to them, these reports are only a figment of imagination that has no concrete evidence. Moreover, a section of these rational thinkers and social scientists further believe that the hoopla surrounding December 21, 2012, is actually nothing but a smart marketing move. Scientists are confident that December 21, 2012 will go down in the pages of history, just another day.

Whether the Mayan prophecy finally comes true or not is a matter of deliberation. In the meantime, marketers seem to have found a commercially viable concept in this prophecy. This is quite evident from the response that this prophecy is gaining, prompting filmmakers to make movies on it.

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Great Ball Court (interior)

Image by exfordy
It is the largest ball court in ancient Mesoamerica. It measures 166 by 68 meters (545 by 232 feet). The walls are 12 metres high, and in the center, high up on each of the long walls, are rings carved with intertwining serpents.
A mystery behind the ball court at Chichen-Itza is the Mayan prophecy that on Dec. 22, 2012, the great warrior serpent Kukulkán will rise from the ground beneath the playing field and end the world for good. Hmmm…

Download Mayan Calendar – Where can i download the Mayan Calendar for free?

by Kecko

Download Mayan Calendar – Where can i download the Mayan Calendar for free?

What mayan calendar should i download, and where can i get it? Lets first take a look at the two most popular calendars and decide later.

The Mayans had very advanced calendars, they had the Tzolk’in with 20 days and 13 weeks for a total of 260 days each period.

The Tzolk’in 20 days in order where Imix’, ik’, Ak’b’al, K’an, Chikchan, Kimi, Manik’, Lamat, Muluk, Ok, Chuwen, Eb, B’en, Ix, Men, K’ib’, Kab’an, Etz’nab’, Kawak and Ajaw. A calendar that with with it’s obscure names and 260 days long year seems farfetched at best from the gregorian calendar that we use today.

There was also the long count calendar that counts for thousands of years at a time. This calendar just happends to end on the date of december 21st 2012, and there is alot of controversy and mystery surounding this one, hollywood even made an movie about what could be a doomsday prophecy for this calendar date.

So which calendar should i download?

Well the the made popular Long count calendar holds mystery and one starts to wonder why it should end in 2012? But, the Tzolk’in is a piece of ancient mayan art with it’s beautiful glyphs that resembles the hyroglyphs used by the Egyptians inside their pyramids.

Personally i would recommend downloading them both and taking a look, they both have something special to offer, both the long count calendar and the Tzolk’in can be quite intersesting along with their unique and intriguing history.

Where can i download them?

You can download some good calendars online, just click here to Download Mayan calendar.

Go here to Download Mayan calendar for free.

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Post-Post-Apocalypse – Mayan Calendar Riff – Semi-Finished (Needs Clean Up)

Image by Marshall Astor – Food Pornographer
Prepping for Post-Post-Apocalypse, a project that kicks

Wall painting for Post-Post-Apocalypse, a project that kicks off on December 4 with a performance, Ruins.

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Mayan Calendar March 9, 2011 The 1st Day

March 9, 2011 is the start of the shift into the 9th wave of the Mayan calendar.
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Explanation of the Mayan Long Count calendar, from 2012 special aired 11-8-09. Credit is given to SyFy channel. Note placed 3-12-11: Floods, earthquakes, political unrest. Add to that MULTIPLE sightings of UFO, not even trying to hide anymore. like at the Dome of the Rock.
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The Mayan Calendar Prophesy – 2012 – A Hoax or Reality?

by kwramm

The Mayan Calendar Prophesy – 2012 – A Hoax or Reality?

You probably already know this. There is a lot of talk about the world ending on December 21, 2012.  Pop culture has focused on the Mayan Calendar. It ends on December 21, 2012.  Why do so many embrace that day as the end of the world? Is it mass humankind intuitiveness, a subconscious knowingness? Is it clever marketing? More bluntly, is the Mayan calendar prophesy, a hoax or reality?

Mayan Calendars

Did you know there were many Mayan calendars? The Mayans were an agrarian people.  Their world revolved around the seasons and the celestial bodies that governed those seasons. They had a solar calendar and a lunar calendar. They had a calendar that recorded the heavenly journey of Venus and various other calendars associated with their many gods.

Why did the Mayans prophesy the end of the world? Maybe they did not. No one can say that the Mayans intentionally made any such prophesy. Maybe their intention was simply to create calendars, calendars to mark and record their history and to meet their agricultural needs.

Three Calendars

The three most publicized Mayan calendars were the Tzolkin, the Haab, and the Long Calendar. By some calculations, the Mayan calendar is said to be more accurate than our modern day Gregorian calendar!

The Tzolkin calendar was the sacred or ceremonial calendar.  It consisted of 13 numbered days and 20 names.  It recorded a 260-day cycle.

The Haab calendar was the solar calendar. It consists of 18 months of 20 days each plus one month of 5 “nameless” days added to the cycle. It is a 365-day calendar. The Tzolkin and Haab combine to create the Calendar Round, which depicts a 52-year cycle.

The Long Calendar was a linear calendar. That is to say a calendar to count years. It was a linear calendar much like our modern day Gregorian and Julian calendars. The Mayans used it to go forward and backward in time. It is still in use today in some modern day Mayan villages. The Long Calendar spans a period of approximately 5125 years.

The End and the Mystery

I am sure that you are well aware that all calendars end at some point.  Our Gregorian calendars end every year at midnight on December 31st and start over again the following day.  Our calendars record a 365-day cycle.  We have a 10-year cycle we call a decade, a one hundred year cycle that we call a century.

The Mayans did the same thing.  The Long Calendar ends on December 21, 2012 and a new cycle begins. What makes this particular date so mysterious and foreboding? It is interesting and worth noting that there are a few things that coincide with this particular date.

The Hindus prophesy the end of the world, as we know it, and the beginning of a new world at about the same time. St. Malachy, the prophet, foretold the last Roman Catholic pope to be of the Benedictine Order. The current pope is Benedict XVI. One I Ching scholar has correlated that teaching to show an ending of our world around the same date. Scientists identify that year as a year of intense solar activity that could have dire consequences for our world. On that day our sun, the earth, and the center of the Milky Way, our galaxy, will be in alignment. December 21, 2012 is the winter solstice. Mayan scholars have translated inscriptions that imply the end.  Some scholars interpret the inscriptions to mean the end of the world.

Do these facts imply the end of the world? Only you can make that judgment. This short article does little justice to the subject. You owe it to yourself to become informed. Regardless of the prophesy’s validity, one should always keep an open mind and be prepared for any calamity.

Decide for yourself. Is 2012 hoax or reality?  Prepare for the possibilities.  Why not be prepared and arm yourself with knowledge?

Carlos Antonio Perez is a free-lance writer. He has studied the merging of science and the metaphysical for over forty years. Learn more about this intriguing subject at
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