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Finally, A Complete Disaster Survival Guide That Teachs You How To Save Your And Your Family From Suffering During A Disaster!  

From : CJ Maguire
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Dear Friend,

In this modern time of instant communication we know much more about the world than our ancestors ever did. These are exicting times!

Unfortunately there are elements at work that cause our civilization to come under threat - war, terrorism, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes and many other disasters.

The events of the last decade re-inforce just how vulnerable our planet it to natural disasters..

In a worst case scenario would you and your family have the survival skills to live through a disaster? If a disaster like Hurricane Katrina or a Tsunami struck how many of us would be prepared?

We need to take responsibility for our own survival. You don┤t want to find yourself depending on the government to help you. Take action now and learn how to help your family survive disaster.


Disaster Survival - Learn How To Save Your Family In An Emergency! is a comprehensive guide to developing and implementing a Disaster Survival Plan.

What is a Disaster and how to prepare for one

Creating a Disaster Survival Plan for Your Family - step by step guide

How to build your own survival package and what to include

Helping Your Children in a Crises how to reassure your children during a catastrophic situation depending on their age group

Watch or Warning what is the difference between a weather watch and a weather warning and what it means for you

Disasters and People with Disabilities people with special needs require special preparation

How to Create a Support System creating a lifeline with friends, family and neighbors

What If You Must Evacuate where do you go and how do you get there

First Aid for First Response what you should have available

Food Stores how much and what kind of food should you have on hand and why

What About Your Pets In an Emergency pets fall into that special needs category how do you handle them

Medical Emergencies what constitutes a medical emergency and what to do

Safety Proofing Your Home tips to make your home safer

Disaster Insurance what kind of insurance do you need and what you can get

What You Should Carry in Your Car what you need to carry in your vehicle at all times

Written in plain English
Disaster Survival - Learn How To Save Your Family In An Emergency! will give you answers to those questions about how to be prepared in any emergency.

This guide can put you and your loved ones one step ahead of the headlines.  In these uncertain times, the old Boy Scout Motto of Be Prepared is more important than ever before.

Grab your copy today and you, too, can be prepared!

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CJ Maguire

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