Do Christians Need to Prepare for the Asteroid Apophis in 2029?

Do Christians Need to Prepare for the Asteroid Apophis in 2029?

Currently some scientists are very aware of the asteroid Apophis (sometimes spelled as Apofiz) 99942 will be possibly getting very close to earth in the year 2029. Projections show there should not be a collision with earth but it could come within 20,000 miles of its surface. At that distance it would be passing into what is known as the Clarks Belt and could possibly damage existing satellites used for communication, military, and entertainment purposes.

Luckily the odds are calculated at 1 in 45,000 chances there will be a collision in the year 2029. Though this is comforting news the future possibly holds something much more severe. Some people in the community of asteroid studies including some well known researchers feel that earths’ gravitational influence in this close encounter to Apophis will possibly cause it actually to collide with earth 7 years later in the year 2036.

People are already wondering if this could be the asteroid or planet mentioned in the book of Revelation called Wormwood. According to the description of Wormwood (referred to by some as Planet-X) in the Bible it does not appear to be an asteroid such as Apophis. It points more towards it being the composition of a star like a large ball of fire.

Looking at the evidence currently available it does not appear that Apophis (sometimes spelled Apofiz) asteroid fits into the timeline according to the Bible. Earth’s encounter with Wormwood is supposed to take place in the middle of the 70th week on a Sabbath year cycle. Considering that a Sabbath year cycle has seven years in it one can do the math based upon the first recorded Sabbath year and see that the year 2029 does not fit into the equation.

From what the Bible says, Wormwood will cause havoc long before 2029. It appears that the Great Tribulation, the Rapture, and the Second Advent and Millennium will all take place before this time. This opinion is open to debate by many Christians and other religious groups throughout the world.

Currently the world is being exposed to a possible doomsday in the foreseeable future more than ever. The increase in scientific study of space has brought a public awareness about that something could go wrong in the future. The earth could be struck by an asteroid similar to Apophis as mentioned recently on CNN causing mass devastation and even knocking the earth into a different orbital path around the sun. This type of disaster would cause problems that are impossible to forecast.

The media shows the public that we should be aware that something like this can take place. Amateurs and professionals alike compare notes with the use of the Internet allowing for large networks of people to build a more solid look into what the future may hold for mankind.

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