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Tuesday, April 5, 2011 12:00 am
This nightmare is true; it happened last week to someone I know well. Before you read on, take careful note: it happened neither in Idaho, nor anywhere near this region. I have no wish or cause to disparage local law enforcement. The story I’m about to tell will make you appreciate a good cop.
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Great Ball Court (interior)

Image by exfordy
It is the largest ball court in ancient Mesoamerica. It measures 166 by 68 meters (545 by 232 feet). The walls are 12 metres high, and in the center, high up on each of the long walls, are rings carved with intertwining serpents.
A mystery behind the ball court at Chichen-Itza is the Mayan prophecy that on Dec. 22, 2012, the great warrior serpent Kukulkán will rise from the ground beneath the playing field and end the world for good. Hmmm…

Lastest “mayan Calendar” News

Post-Post-Apocalypse – Mayan Calendar Riff – Semi-Finished (Needs Clean Up)

Image by Marshall Astor – Food Pornographer
Prepping for Post-Post-Apocalypse, a project that kicks

Wall painting for Post-Post-Apocalypse, a project that kicks off on December 4 with a performance, Ruins.

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